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Faillissement de heer B.G. Blauw, voorheen h.o.d.n. B. Blauw Transportservice – opgeheven per 8-8-2017

Company data: Gerard Boy Blueformerly trading under the name B. Blue Transportation Service
Bankruptcy number: C / 03/14/179 F
Date of judgment: May 6, 2014
Curator: Mr. Ch.LJR Lückers
RC: Mr. RPJ Quaedackers
Company Activities: Courier, transport service, securityand driver services
Sales figures:
Personnel, average number:
Estate claims:
Preferential claim of the tax authorities: € 39,974.00
Preferential claim UWV
Other preferential claims: € 1,925.78
Number of unsecured creditors 7
Amount of unsecured creditors: € 102,036.90


Causes of this bankruptcy and notes thereto:

Personal circumstances and bad debtors.

Further state of affairs and prospects:

Further research into the causes, collecting receivables and repurchase of a savings bankruptcy. The outlook for the creditors are still too unclear to mention anything about that.

You, as a creditor may, to the extent you have not already made ​​use of it, to submit your claim. You can do this by sending an email to

The correspondence will be sent by e-mail. Those who have not provided e-mail address will be in terms of information and for answers to their questions are limited to the contents of this website.

If you claim to privilege or priority of your claim, this should result from the law or the contract and you have to be specified. If you do not, it is assumed that there is an ordinary unsecured claim.

Mr. Ch.LJR Lückers